332 Commits (yowsup-3)

Author SHA1 Message Date
moyamo 8e1be86319 Correct the format of the contacts numbers when syncing 7 years ago
moyamo 2895f78ec7 Use the result of Sync to delete invalid numbers 7 years ago
moyamo e32365a065 Send xhtml on group message to XMPP MUC 7 years ago
moyamo 5cd4442ddc Add better logging to onReceipt 7 years ago
moyamo 7ff39317cd Clean up \leave room code 7 years ago
moyamo ed6affe1ec Allow identical consecutive message 7 years ago
Mohammed Yaseen Mowzer 02d2568663 Merge pull request #39 from NeoBelerophon/yowsup-2 7 years ago
Stefan Müller 36eda158f2 bot - better handling of autocompletion on mobile devices 7 years ago
moyamo 2d9ac3037e See https://github.com/stv0g/transwhat/issues/37 7 years ago
moyamo ee743ac327 Remove superfluous error messages and handle uncaught exceptions 7 years ago
moyamo ef04f49152 Move requestVCard to BuddyList and send image_hash of new contact 7 years ago
moyamo 0b4e2f13d4 Add call function to use for deferreds 7 years ago
moyamo 03e56a4c07 Add Deferreds 7 years ago
moyamo 5fb84bca4f Allow the user to request their own profile image 7 years ago
moyamo 1446e82dc0 Revert "Use base64 sha1hash instead of base16" 7 years ago
moyamo d4a0593874 Replay changes from c40d477667 excluding fae4c648e 7 years ago
moyamo 22cebef457 Revert upto c40d477667 7 years ago
moyamo bed8214a11 Use base64 sha1hash instead of base16 7 years ago
moyamo 3781dcfc1c Handle case when buddy has no status message 7 years ago
moyamo bbf5a08697 Update nickname in groups if nickname is unset. 7 years ago
moyamo fae4c648ee Use unicode string literals 7 years ago
moyamo 4093568234 Remove \sync from USAGE.md 7 years ago
moyamo eba8d24a92 Rework groupchats to support sending private messages 7 years ago
moyamo 02a27ecac8 Fix encoding errors on status messages 7 years ago
Mohammed Yaseen Mowzer c40d477667 Update INSTALL.md 7 years ago
moyamo c1736e4c47 Correct Installation instructions (install yowsup2) 7 years ago
moyamo 249e8582cb Remove YowLoggerLayer 7 years ago
moyamo 8e9e8a6476 Remove manual sync command. It is done automatically 7 years ago
Mohammed Yaseen Mowzer 034a2adfd3 Merge pull request #27 from moyamo/yowsup-2 7 years ago
moyamo 3c16f39479 Send 'muc = true' to spectrum backend 7 years ago
moyamo 40131a06eb Fix undefined variable in buddy.py 7 years ago
moyamo 9434b1db6f Request contacts' statuses when user logs in 7 years ago
dazzzl cd44b01e94 Merge pull request #3 from stv0g/yowsup-2 7 years ago
moyamo 7302c4fc2c Handle edgecase when there are no buddies 7 years ago
moyamo 97c8cfed94 Remove _welcome from bot.py 7 years ago
Steffen Vogel 1af2b5072f fixed Markdown and added short description of transwhat.py 7 years ago
moyamo 87ef2443f3 Improve documentation 7 years ago
Steffen Vogel df773a9670 updated file headers 7 years ago
Steffen Vogel 7f227e5643 Merge branch 'yowsup-2' of github.com:stv0g/transwhat into yowsup-2 7 years ago
Steffen Vogel 75a0f310e3 removed transWhat config file (closes #23) 7 years ago
Steffen Vogel a9e97d16d5 removed \fortune and \motd functionality from bot 7 years ago
Steffen Vogel f5a668e589 removed support for contact import from google (@moyamo, did you added this again?) 7 years ago
Steffen Vogel ce8fd39b35 updated Bot commands 7 years ago
Steffen Vogel a84e7258d5 removed example configurations and message of the day (now part of 7 years ago
Steffen Vogel 0594a887dc Update USAGE.md 7 years ago
Steffen Vogel 10e793fc46 fixed table and added information about login 7 years ago
Steffen Vogel d36c9e0987 added links to README.md 7 years ago
Steffen Vogel 4d07994d02 Create USAGE.md 7 years ago
Steffen Vogel 927bb0aa5c Create INSTALL.md 7 years ago
Steffen Vogel fa47742682 merged documentation from old project wiki to Github 7 years ago