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Allow identical consecutive message

This used to be blocked to prevent duplicate messages. Now the ID is
checked instead of the body to detect duplicates.
moyamo 7 years ago
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@ -36,7 +36,7 @@ class WhatsAppBackend(SpectrumBackend):
self.sessions = { }
self.spectrum_jid = spectrum_jid
# Used to prevent duplicate messages
self.lastMessage = {}
self.lastMsgId = {}
self.logger.debug("Backend started")
@ -46,9 +46,6 @@ class WhatsAppBackend(SpectrumBackend):
if user not in self.sessions:
self.sessions[user] = Session(self, user, legacyName, extra)
if user not in self.lastMessage:
self.lastMessage[user] = {}
def handleLogoutRequest(self, user, legacyName):
@ -57,20 +54,17 @@ class WhatsAppBackend(SpectrumBackend):
del self.sessions[user]
def handleMessageSendRequest(self, user, buddy, message, xhtml = "", ID = 0):
self.logger.debug("handleMessageSendRequest(user=%s, buddy=%s, message=%s, xhtml = %s)", user, buddy, message, xhtml)
def handleMessageSendRequest(self, user, buddy, message, xhtml="", ID=""):
self.logger.debug("handleMessageSendRequest(user=%s, buddy=%s, message=%s, xhtml=%s, ID=%s)", user, buddy, message, xhtml, ID)
# For some reason spectrum occasionally sends to identical messages to
# a buddy, one to the bare jid and one to /bot. This causes duplicate
# messages. Since it is unlikely a user wants to send the same message
# twice, we should just ignore the second message
# TODO Proper fix, this work around drops all duplicate messages even
# intentional ones.
# IDEA there is an ID field in ConvMessage. If it is extracted it will work
usersMessage = self.lastMessage[user]
if buddy not in usersMessage or usersMessage[buddy] != message:
# a buddy, one to the bare jid and one to the /bot resource. This
# causes duplicate messages. Thus we should not send consecutive
# messages with the same id
if ID == '':
self.sessions[user].sendMessageToWA(buddy, message, ID)
elif user not in self.lastMsgId or self.lastMsgId[user] != ID:
self.sessions[user].sendMessageToWA(buddy, message, ID)
usersMessage[buddy] = message
self.lastMsgId[user] = ID
def handleJoinRoomRequest(self, user, room, nickname, pasword):
self.logger.debug("handleJoinRoomRequest(user=%s, room=%s, nickname=%s)", user, room, nickname)