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  a3x bbe65f451a small changes 5 months ago
  a3x 5975c3d511 Update README 5 months ago
  Steffen Vogel d022243f6c use spaces for indention as mandated by PEP-8 1 year ago
  Steffen Vogel 3ccb164f20 fix imports 1 year ago
  Steffen Vogel 071f153564 use new class names from pyspectrum2 1 year ago
  Steffen Vogel 8d34923ef5 update example configuration files 1 year ago
  Steffen Vogel 2ec730020f fixes for Python 3 1 year ago
  Steffen Vogel c79de527ff remove unused dependency 1 year ago
  Steffen Vogel 750d84bd5c fix broken imports of utils 1 year ago
  Steffen Vogel 279fda95c1 fix typo in setup.py 1 year ago
  Steffen Vogel 26cf5722b2 remove utils.py 1 year ago
  Steffen Vogel 8814e462d3 remove copyright and license info from python files 1 year ago
  Steffen Vogel 3adab4daa0 remove outdated MANIFEST.in file 1 year ago
  Steffen Vogel b93645285c moved Spectrum2 package to new repo 1 year ago
  Steffen Vogel d13c0205c8 remove e4u dependency as it supports Python 2 only 1 year ago
  Steffen Vogel 71758d2b7c remove some spare empty lines 1 year ago
  Steffen Vogel 06dfe7dc94 use space indetion in setup.py 1 year ago
  Steffen Vogel 8263d4659a remove support for python < 3.5 1 year ago
  Steffen Vogel 23b80406da update Spectrum2 protobuf protocol definition 1 year ago
  Steffen Vogel 5c6b4d94fa update README.rst 1 year ago
  Vitaly Takmazov 8d47ac37a9 Yowsup 3 initial fixes 1 year ago
  Steffen Vogel 35afbe5d4a added link to transwhat group chat 3 years ago
  Steffen Vogel 61d467b393 Merge branch 'SmartHoneybee-patch-1' into yowsup-2 3 years ago
  Steffen Vogel 004422e81e Merge branch 'patch-1' of https://github.com/SmartHoneybee/transwhat into SmartHoneybee-patch-1 3 years ago
  Steffen Vogel 8ae801cf90
fix sections in reStructuredText 3 years ago
  Steffen Vogel 65faf3766a Merge branch 'yowsup-2' of github.com:stv0g/transwhat into yowsup-2 3 years ago
  Bee 6e8bf2b616
fixes #84 3 years ago
  Steffen Vogel 269dbdc12d Merge remote-tracking branch 'nicos/yowsup-2' into yowsup-2 3 years ago
  Steffen Vogel c359751a44 fix whitespaces 3 years ago
  Steffen Vogel acceb3618b remove duplicate import statements 3 years ago
  Steffen Vogel b4f57753c8 remove trailing whitespace 3 years ago
  Steffen Vogel 4244920435
fix panda conversion 3 years ago
  Steffen Vogel f40102c0c7
fix rendering of INSTALL.rst 3 years ago
  Nicolas 42f8c079c3 Revert "catch exception if message was not delivered to XMPP" 3 years ago
  Nicolas d88d13d1e3 implement main method 3 years ago
  Nicolas 0c199a8231 catch exception if message was not delivered to XMPP 3 years ago
  Nico 02b45a233e Set IdentityAutoTrust to true 3 years ago
  Nico 2911274ab6 Merge branch 'yowsup-2' of https://github.com/stv0g/transwhat.git into yowsup-2 3 years ago
  Steffen Vogel 76fb1b4a6d Merge pull request #83 from SmartHoneybee/patch-1 3 years ago
  Bee 6563c7282b Update session.py 3 years ago
  Nico a51a6b7272 Fixed previous commit ;) 3 years ago
  Nico ce70a912dd Fixed Bug when receiving Audio or Video-Messages 3 years ago
  Steffen Vogel fe0ffe7891 Merge pull request #76 from rigid/patch-1 3 years ago
  Steffen Vogel b416990d98 Merge pull request #77 from rigid/patch-2 3 years ago
  rigid fd477b0eea call transwhat from PATH 3 years ago
  rigid c96fbbb049 make transwhat.py executable 3 years ago
  Steffen Vogel d85a554e15 Merge pull request #75 from Nicos-git/yowsup-2 3 years ago
  Steffen Vogel e3ebdae54e Merge pull request #74 from Nicos-git/yowsup-2 3 years ago
  Nico 13ac8b4d31 change default encoding to UTF-8 3 years ago
  Nico c3c76e4cb7 handle media downloads 3 years ago