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transWhat is a WhatsApp XMPP Gateway based on `Spectrum 2`_ and `Yowsup 3`_.


For support and discussions please join the XMPP MUC: **transwhat@conference.0l.de**.


- Typing notifications
- Receive images, audio & video
- Set/get online status
- Set status message
- Groupchats


transWhat requires a running and configured XMPP server.
Detailed instructions can be found on the `Installation`_ page.

Users find details on the `Usage`_ page.


- `yowsup-1`_ My original version which is based on @tgalal first
Yowsup version (**deprecated** and broken).
- `yowsup-2`_ Major rewrite from @moyamo for @tgalal’s new Yowsup 2.
- `yowsup-3`_ Update to @tgalal’s new Yowsup 3
For production, please use the ``yowsup-2`` branch.


Pull requests, bug reports etc. are welcome. Help us to provide a open
implementation of the WhatsApp protocol.

The following persons have contributed major parts of this code:

- @stv0g (Steffen Vogel): Idea and initial implementation based on
Yowsup 1
- @moyamo (Mohammed Yaseen Mowzer): Port to Yowsup 2
- @DaZZZl: Improvements to group chats, media & message receipts


transWhat is licensed under the GPLv3_ license.


- An *outdated* project wiki is available `here`_.
- An *outdated* writeup of this project is also availabe at my `blog`_.

.. _Spectrum 2: http://www.spectrum.im
.. _Yowsup 3: https://github.com/tgalal/yowsup
.. _yowsup-1: http://github.com/stv0g/transwhat/tree/yowsup-1
.. _yowsup-2: http://github.com/stv0g/transwhat/tree/yowsup-2
.. _yowsup-3: http://github.com/stv0g/transwhat/tree/yowsup-3
.. _Installation: INSTALL.rst
.. _Usage: USAGE.rst
.. _GPLv3: COPYING.rst
.. _here: https://dev.0l.de/wiki/projects/transwhat/
.. _blog: http://www.steffenvogel.de/2013/06/29/transwhat/