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shfil 69cb133c57
Add direct links 2 years ago
Nikolay Korolev 7c38e2db24 fix 2 years ago
aap 64a4ed6db6 fixed uninitialized nearclip 2 years ago
aap ebb615d080 fix some little UB 2 years ago
erorcun 2d0562412e Use previous naming & fix LineOfSightSectorList too 2 years ago
erorcun a74f597d45
Merge pull request #996 from withmorten/vanilla 2 years ago
erorcun 2b269ff1c0 Fix some Collision NaN/inf's 2 years ago
erorcun e9054f2980
Merge pull request #1004 from GaryOderNichts/fix1 2 years ago
GaryOderNichts d2cf090ace Fix texture conversion box 2 years ago
erorcun 93ffe6123d Change joystick DB with latest offical one 2 years ago
erorcun 8846f50cb7 Attempt to fix input delays on GLFW 2 years ago
erorcun 843dd9b5e1 Clean up POSIX streaming code 2 years ago
Sergeanur f27e1ec818 Fix doubles in ZoneCull 2 years ago
Sergeanur d3cd707db7
Merge pull request #923 from IlDucci/master 2 years ago
IlDucci 7afb8ff679 Attempt to restore the old GXT files. GXTS MUST BE RECOMPILED. 2 years ago
Sergeanur b4e0c97469 Update OpenAL 2 years ago
erorcun cb34060f00 Support pads without L2-R2, add comments 2 years ago
aap 4564f7aeea modelinfo fixes 2 years ago
shfil 1d3b4d1e9a
Add cmake option for sanitizers 2 years ago
erorcun 5336620f5c Ped: car enter anim. fix 2 years ago
erorcun a0bf47cfd2 Fix out of bound binding orders 2 years ago
withmorten d7c00841d6 add Vanilla config to premake and premake CI 2 years ago
shfil 3e6bb267f3
Fix CCollision::DistToLine 2 years ago
withmorten 5183d7cf0f enable default resolution for vanilla defines 2 years ago
withmorten db6b7b473d whitespace fix 2 years ago
Nikolay Korolev 6bdc0365ee another backport 2 years ago
Nikolay Korolev 921ca7712e use ARRAY_SIZE 2 years ago
Nikolay Korolev 35258b9b9c added some missing functions 2 years ago
withmorten 2650fa9a92 VANILLA_BUILD fixes 2 years ago
withmorten 6f4e2ab491 get rid of unsupported LIBRW in config.h 2 years ago
withmorten 5988c0e95a fix tabs in crossplatform 2 years ago
erorcun fd461ca702 Merge branch 'master' of 2 years ago
erorcun 0ea72af60c Peds reporting to phone changes for GTA3D 2 years ago
erorcun 6118ed89bb
Merge pull request #978 from erorcun/master 2 years ago
erorcun 226e3b83da No more resetting bindings for joypad, create .ini at the first start, joystick hotplug for Linux 2 years ago
withmorten f6c846d27a fix 2 years ago
withmorten 3b4e79f073 small fix regarding codewarrior and AUDIO_MSS 2 years ago
withmorten 2e5898490c cw: remove extras folder 2 years ago
withmorten d58f090198 fix RW33 build, undef ANISOTROPIC_FILTERING for vanilla build 2 years ago
Filip Gawin e9adf8162b fix 2 years ago
Filip Gawin a034661bc9 Merge branch 'master' of 2 years ago
Filip Gawin 609cad506f Better output for validating size assert 2 years ago
withmorten 950a3e82c1 cw: fix linking order 2 years ago
aap d77846bb16
Merge pull request #973 from withmorten/wantedlevel 2 years ago
withmorten 497e0b801f m_nWantedLevel -> GetWantedLevel() 2 years ago
withmorten a511d79bf0 free cam fixes 2 years ago
aap 69500eed56 how the hell did that happen? 2 years ago
aap c67273e92a fixed anisotropic filtering; updated librw 2 years ago
withmorten ef24783bff
Merge pull request #968 from withmorten/cw 2 years ago
withmorten 034df61f3c codewarrior: finishing touches 2 years ago