2913 Commits (master)

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aap 9a7fa47857 make debug render groups optional 1 year ago
withmorten 0b1d3669bc
remove nightly 1 year ago
withmorten 8128e8e817 tiny sync with miami 1 year ago
withmorten 73fce903b8 nil -> false 1 year ago
erorcun b52356f6b5 Update librw to fix Mac hi-dpi 1 year ago
erorcun 139c6bfcf3 Fix MP3 player 1 year ago
erorcun bf7280b55b Get keyboard input from X11 on Linux 1 year ago
withmorten 48cec4a786 add NoMovies ini option, rename gDrawVersionText, always save ini after loading 1 year ago
aap 6245a17e16 update librw; render groups only if extension supported 1 year ago
nick7 1402b9ed72 CMake: MSS / mpg123 compilation fixes 1 year ago
aap 253021866c d3d9 debug render groups 1 year ago
aap e8b435a624 fix last commit 1 year ago
aap 9db87fc636 add debug render groups 1 year ago
aap 1a429bb3c4 update librw 1 year ago
aap a4412e8d63 update librw; gl cleanup 1 year ago
aap c3af33f97d add ps2 particle.txd 1 year ago
Fire-Head 68cc5fe965 remove particle 1 year ago
withmorten 6227aee863 update librw 1 year ago
Sergeanur ee6b7152c7 Fix endless vibration in pause menu 1 year ago
withmorten 53e3bc6092 update librw 1 year ago
withmorten 7db2df33e8 fix premake workflows 1 year ago
aap b4c96bca93 update librw; get rid of glew 1 year ago
aap c488ce166e add hires particle.txd 1 year ago
erorcun 4d8f340827
Merge pull request #1050 from swills/controller_config_segfault_fix 1 year ago
erorcun eccf87acc7
Merge pull request #1090 from AGraber/patch-1 1 year ago
Adrian Graber 19b39f49fa
Fix buffer overflow on re3_sem_open/close 1 year ago
Steve Wills e482ab6292 Fix mistake 1 year ago
Steve Wills 20d9498fdb Put fix behind ifdef 1 year ago
erorcun 1a64053da5
Merge pull request #986 from AGraber/nx-upstream 1 year ago
erorcun 5ee4931fb6 Fix FindClose->closedir 1 year ago
erorcun 49fd99119d Fix rare stream deadlock on Windows 1 year ago
erorcun 179b11151e
Add PR rules to Readme 1 year ago
erorcun 3baccc9d3e
PR rules 1 year ago
aap edc77d7f00 removed some f suffixes from shaders 1 year ago
withmorten fec39e87c0 Revert "always console for windows Debug builds" 1 year ago
withmorten a826091dc9 always console for windows Debug builds 1 year ago
Fire-Head a3eae736e7 readme update 1 year ago
Steve Wills a666de46aa Fix seg fault when configuring controller 1 year ago
erorcun e35c56ceb3 More compatible she-bang line 1 year ago
erorcun be55085303 Try to fix streams stop after a while 1 year ago
Fire-Head 0b6e46b1e4 cannon fix 1 year ago
withmorten b2b243e803
update invite link 1 year ago
aap 475a4d71d8 optimize performance -> readme to-do 1 year ago
withmorten 0dd5be788f 1 more readme fix 1 year ago
withmorten 4e8f42f6f6 1 more fix 1 year ago
withmorten 9f575a70c1 even more readme fixes 1 year ago
Sergeanur f372420dc0 Update invite link 1 year ago
withmorten 2183e25081
more readme fixes 1 year ago
withmorten 8d27dba4cd glfw window icon 1 year ago
Sergeanur 02ac7c309e Disable RANDOMSPLASH only if loading screen is disabled 1 year ago