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If you feel the need, you can also use CodeWarrior 7 to compile re3 using the supplied codewarrior/re3.mcp project - this requires the original RW33 libraries, and the DX8 SDK. The build is unstable compared to the MSVC builds though, and is mostly meant to serve as a reference.
## Contributing
As long as it's not linux/cross-platform skeleton/compatibility layer, all of the code on the repo that's not behind a preprocessor condition(like FIX_BUGS) are **completely** reversed code from original binaries.
We **don't** accept custom codes, as long as it's not wrapped via preprocessor conditions, or it's linux/cross-platform skeleton/compatibility layer.
We accept only these kinds of PRs;
- A new feature that exists in at least one of the GTAs (if it wasn't in III/VC then it doesn't have to be decompilation)
- Game, UI or UX bug fixes (if it's a fix to original code, it should be behind FIX_BUGS)
- Platform-specific and/or unused code that's not been reversed yet
- Makes reversed code more understandable/accurate, as in "which code would produce this assembly".
- A new cross-platform skeleton/compatibility layer, or improvements to them
- Translation fixes, for languages original game supported
- Code that increase maintainability
We have a [Coding Style]( document that isn't followed or enforced very well.
Do not use features from C++11 or later.