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import logging
from Spectrum2.backend import SpectrumBackend
from .session import Session
from .registersession import RegisterSession
class WhatsAppBackend(SpectrumBackend):
def __init__(self, io, spectrum_jid, specConf):
self.logger = logging.getLogger(self.__class__.__name__)
self.io = io
self.specConf = specConf
self.sessions = { }
self.spectrum_jid = spectrum_jid
# Used to prevent duplicate messages
self.lastMsgId = {}
self.logger.debug("Backend started")
# RequestsHandlers
def handleLoginRequest(self, user, legacyName, password, extra):
self.logger.debug("handleLoginRequest(user=%s, legacyName=%s)" % (user, legacyName))
# Key word means we should register a new password
if password == 'register':
if user not in self.sessions:
self.sessions[user] = RegisterSession(self, user, legacyName, extra)
if user not in self.sessions:
self.sessions[user] = Session(self, user, legacyName, extra)
def handleLogoutRequest(self, user, legacyName):
self.logger.debug("handleLogoutRequest(user=%s, legacyName=%s)" % (user, legacyName))
if user in self.sessions:
del self.sessions[user]
def handleMessageSendRequest(self, user, buddy, message, xhtml="", ID=""):
self.logger.debug("handleMessageSendRequest(user=%s, buddy=%s, message=%s, xhtml=%s, ID=%s)" %
( user, buddy, message, xhtml, ID))
# For some reason spectrum occasionally sends to identical messages to
# a buddy, one to the bare jid and one to the /bot resource. This
# causes duplicate messages. Thus we should not send consecutive
# messages with the same id
if ID == '':
self.sessions[user].sendMessageToWA(buddy, message, ID, xhtml)
elif user not in self.lastMsgId or self.lastMsgId[user] != ID:
self.sessions[user].sendMessageToWA(buddy, message, ID, xhtml)
self.lastMsgId[user] = ID
def handleJoinRoomRequest(self, user, room, nickname, pasword):
self.logger.debug("handleJoinRoomRequest(user=%s, room=%s, nickname=%s)" % (user, room, nickname))
self.sessions[user].joinRoom(room, nickname)
def handleLeaveRoomRequest(self, user, room):
self.logger.debug("handleLeaveRoomRequest(user=%s, room=%s)" % (user, room))
def handleStatusChangeRequest(self, user, status, statusMessage):
self.logger.debug("handleStatusChangeRequest(user=%s, status=%d, statusMessage=%s)" % (user, status, statusMessage))
def handleBuddies(self, buddies):
"""Called when user logs in. Used to initialize roster."""
self.logger.debug("handleBuddies(buddies=%s)" % buddies)
buddies = [b for b in buddies.buddy]
if len(buddies) > 0:
user = buddies[0].userName
def handleBuddyUpdatedRequest(self, user, buddy, nick, groups):
self.logger.debug("handleBuddyUpdatedRequest(user=%s, buddy=%s, nick=%s, groups=%s)" % (user, buddy, nick, groups))
self.sessions[user].updateBuddy(buddy, nick, groups)
def handleBuddyRemovedRequest(self, user, buddy, groups):
self.logger.debug("handleBuddyRemovedRequest(user=%s, buddy=%s, groups=%s)" % (user, buddy, groups))
def handleTypingRequest(self, user, buddy):
self.logger.debug("handleTypingRequest(user=%s, buddy=%s)" % (user, buddy))
def handleTypedRequest(self, user, buddy):
self.logger.debug("handleTypedRequest(user=%s, buddy=%s)" % (user, buddy))
def handleStoppedTypingRequest(self, user, buddy):
self.logger.debug("handleStoppedTypingRequest(user=%s, buddy=%s)" % (user, buddy))
def handleVCardRequest(self, user, buddy, ID):
self.logger.debug("handleVCardRequest(user=%s, buddy=%s, ID=%s)" % (user, buddy, ID))
self.sessions[user].requestVCard(buddy, ID)
def handleVCardUpdatedRequest(self, user, photo, nickname):
self.logger.debug("handleVCardUpdatedRequest(user=%s, nickname=%s)" % (user, nickname))
def handleBuddyBlockToggled(self, user, buddy, blocked):
self.logger.debug("handleBuddyBlockedToggled(user=%s, buddy=%s, blocked=%s)" % (user, buddy, blocked))
def relogin(self, user, legacyName, password, extra):
Used to re-initialize the session object. Used when finished with
registration session and the user needs to login properly
self.logger.debug("relogin(user=%s, legacyName=%s)" % (user, legacyName))
# Change password in spectrum database
self.handleQuery('register %s %s %s' % (user, legacyName, password))
# Key word means we should register a new password
if password == 'register': # This shouldn't happen, but just in case
self.sessions[user] = RegisterSession(self, user, legacyName, extra)
self.sessions[user] = Session(self, user, legacyName, extra)
def handleAttentionRequest(self, user, buddy, message):
def handleFTStartRequest(self, user, buddy, fileName, size, ftID):
self.logger.debug('File send request %s, for user %s, from %s, size: %s' %
(fileName, user, buddy, size))
def handleFTFinishRequest(self, user, buddy, fileName, size, ftID):
def handleFTPauseRequest(self, ftID):
def handleFTContinueRequest(self, ftID):
def handleRawXmlRequest(self, xml):
def handleMessageAckRequest(self, user, legacyName, ID = 0):
self.logger.info("Meassage ACK request for %s !!" % legacyName)
def sendData(self, data):