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# re3
2 years ago
[![Build Status](](
<a href=""><img src="" /></a>
## Intro
4 years ago
The aim of this project is to reverse GTA III for PC by replacing
parts of the game [one by one](
such that we have a working game at all times.
## How can I try it?
- re3 requires game assets to work, so you **must** own [a copy of GTA III](
- Build re3 or download it from one of the above links (Debug or Release).
3 years ago
- (Optional) If you want to use optional features like Russian language or menu map, copy the files in /gamefiles folder to your game root folder.
- Move re3.exe to GTA 3 directory and run it.
3 years ago
## Preparing the environment for building
3 years ago
2 years ago
You may want to point GTA_III_RE_DIR environment variable to GTA3 root folder if you want executable to be moved there via post-build script.
- For Linux, proceed: [Building on Linux](
- For FreeBSD, proceed: [Building on FreeBSD](
- For Windows, assuming you have Visual Studio:
- Clone the repo using the argument `--recursive`.
- Run one of the `premake-vsXXXX.cmd` variants on root folder.
- Open the project via Visual Studio
**If you use 64-bit D3D9**: We don't ship 64-bit Dx9 SDK. You need to download it from Microsoft if you don't have it(although it should come pre-installed after some Windows version)
There are various settings at the very bottom of [config.h](, you may want to take a look there. i.e. FIX_BUGS define fixes the bugs we've come across.
3 years ago
> :information_source: **If you choose OpenAL on Windows** You must read [Running OpenAL build on Windows](
4 years ago
> :information_source: **Did you notice librw?** re3 uses completely homebrew RenderWare-replacement rendering engine; [librw]( librw comes as submodule of re3, but you also can use LIBRW enviorenment variable to specify path to your own librw.
4 years ago
3 years ago
## Contributing
Please read the [Coding Style]( Document
4 years ago
### Unreversed / incomplete classes (at least the ones we know)
The following classes have only unused or practically unused code left:
CMemoryHeap - only on PS2
NameGrid.cpp - only on mobile (a player name grid, either a very early player name code ala GTA1 or a multiplayer leftover)
PedDebug.cpp - only on mobile (debug code)
HandlingMgr.cpp - debug functions from mobile
CVehicle::ProcessBikeWheel - early bike code (only on mobile)
CAutomobile::DebugCode - debug function from mobile
CBoat::DebugCode - debug function from mobile
CBoat::ModifyHandlingValue - debug function from mobile
CBoat::DisplayHandlingData - debug function from mobile
TexturePools - only on PC (slight RW modification that we don't actually need)