gnutella-gtk and Xvfb automatically built in a docker container
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Running a gtk-gnutella instance in docker, build from latest source and accessible via IPC-socket over SOCAT (see usage) or VNC.


Make sure all mounted volumes under /app are owned by 1000:1000.


You can conenct and control your instance via given VNC port and password in docker-compose.yml.


You can also access the VNC Interface via NoVNC WebInterface on port 5800

IPC over socat

You connect to the gtk-gnutella daemon via IPC over TCP. You need to have socat and gtk-gnutella on your client too.


sudo socat UNIX-LISTEN:/home/user/local.socket,fork TCP-CONNECT:<REMOTE_HOST>:8089


gtk-gnutella --shell /home/user/local.socket


In both cases I strongly recommend using a VPN and not running either VNC or IPC over the internet. Especially the "IPC over socat" hack is truly dangerous when listening on outward facing interfaces since there is no protection at all.