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Installation and configuration guide
I assume that you have a basic understanding of XMPP and the the concept
of a XMPP component/transport. If not, please get a book about Jabber
or read the standards.
transWhat is a XMPP transport. By this means it extends the
functionallity of an existing XMPP server. It acts as a gateway between
the XMPP and WhatsApp networks. It receives WhatsApp messages and
forwards them to your XMPP client (and vice-versa).
The implementation of transWhat is based on the `Spectrum 2`_ framework
and the `Yowsup 2`_ library to interface with WhatsApp.
The following chart summarizes the involved components and the protocols
they use to communicate.
I will not cover the installation of Prosody in this guide. Please look
for some other tutorials on how to do that.
The only important thing for us is the configuration of a XMPP component
(Spectrum 2 in our case). See http://prosody.im/doc/components.
Append the following at the end of ``/etc/prosody/conf.d/transwhat.cfg.lua``
Component "whatsapp.0l.de"
component_secret = "whatsappsucks"
component_ports = { 5221 }
component_interface = ""
Spectrum 2
Manual compile latest version from `Github`_. You can use the following
Create a new file ``/etc/spectrum2/transports/transwhat.cfg`` with the
following content:
user = spectrum
group = spectrum
jid = whatsapp.0l.de
server = localhost
password = whatsappsucks
port = 5221
backend_host = localhost
backend = /usr/bin/transwhat
users_per_backend = 10
more_resources = 1
admin_jid = your@jid.example
name = transWhat
type = xmpp
category = gateway
config = /etc/spectrum2/logging.cfg
backend_config = /etc/spectrum2/backend-logging.cfg
type = sqlite3
Checkout the latest version of transWhat from GitHub:
$ git clone git@github.com:stv0g/transwhat.git
Install required dependencies:
$ pip install --pre protobuf python-dateutil yowsup2
- yowsup_: is a python library that enables you build application
which use WhatsApp service.
.. _Spectrum 2: http://www.spectrum.im
.. _Yowsup 3: https://github.com/tgalal/yowsup
.. _Github: https://github.com/hanzz/libtransport
.. _yowsup: https://github.com/tgalal/yowsup