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# use unicode encoding for all literals by default (for python2.x)
from __future__ import unicode_literals
__author__ = "Steffen Vogel"
__copyright__ = "Copyright 2015-2017, Steffen Vogel"
__license__ = "GPLv3"
__maintainer__ = "Steffen Vogel"
__email__ = "post@steffenvogel.de"
This file is part of transWhat
transWhat is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
any later version.
transwhat is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with transWhat. If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.
import utils
import logging
import urllib
import time
# from PIL import Image
import sys
import os
from yowsup.layers.protocol_media.mediauploader import MediaUploader
from yowsup.layers.protocol_media.mediadownloader import MediaDownloader
from Spectrum2 import protocol_pb2
from buddy import BuddyList
from threading import Timer
from group import Group
from bot import Bot
import deferred
from deferred import call
from yowsupwrapper import YowsupApp
class MsgIDs:
def __init__(self, xmppId, waId):
self.xmppId = xmppId
self.waId = waId
self.cnt = 0
class Session(YowsupApp):
broadcast_prefix = '\U0001F4E2 '
def __init__(self, backend, user, legacyName, extra):
super(Session, self).__init__()
self.logger = logging.getLogger(self.__class__.__name__)
self.logger.info("Created: %s" % legacyName)
self.backend = backend
self.user = user
self.legacyName = legacyName
self.status = protocol_pb2.STATUS_NONE
self.statusMessage = ''
self.groups = {}
self.gotGroupList = False
# Functions to exectute when logged in via yowsup
self.loginQueue = []
self.joinRoomQueue = []
self.presenceRequested = []
self.offlineQueue = []
self.msgIDs = { }
self.groupOfflineQueue = { }
self.loggedIn = False
self.recvMsgIDs = []
self.timer = None
self.password = None
self.initialized = False
self.lastMsgId = None
self.synced = False
self.buddies = BuddyList(self.legacyName, self.backend, self.user, self)
self.bot = Bot(self)
self.imgMsgId = None
self.imgPath = ""
self.imgBuddy = None
self.imgType = ""
def __del__(self): # handleLogoutRequest
def logout(self):
self.logger.info("%s logged out" % self.user)
super(Session, self).logout()
self.loggedIn = False
def login(self, password):
self.logger.info("%s attempting login" % self.user)
self.password = password
self.shouldBeConncted = True
super(Session, self).login(self.legacyName, self.password)
def _shortenGroupId(self, gid):
# FIXME: might have problems if number begins with 0
return gid
# return '-'.join(hex(int(s))[2:] for s in gid.split('-'))
def _lengthenGroupId(self, gid):
return gid
# FIXME: might have problems if number begins with 0
# return '-'.join(str(int(s, 16)) for s in gid.split('-'))
def updateRoomList(self):
rooms = []
text = []
for room, group in self.groups.iteritems():
rooms.append([self._shortenGroupId(room), group.subject])
text.append(self._shortenGroupId(room) + '@' + self.backend.spectrum_jid + ' :' + group.subject)
self.logger.debug("Got rooms: %s" % rooms)
message = "Note, you are a participant of the following groups:\n" + \
"\n".join(text) + "\nIf you do not join them you will lose messages"
def _updateGroups(self, response, request):
self.logger.debug('Received groups list %s' % response)
groups = response.getGroups()
for group in groups:
room = group.getId()
owner = group.getOwner().split('@')[0]
subjectOwner = group.getSubjectOwner().split('@')[0]
subject = utils.softToUni(group.getSubject())
if room in self.groups:
oroom = self.groups[room]
oroom.owner = owner
oroom.subjectOwner = subjectOwner
oroom.subject = subject
self.groups[room] = Group(room, owner, subject, subjectOwner, self.backend, self.user)
# self.joinRoom(self._shortenGroupId(room), self.user.split("@")[0])
self.buddies, self.legacyName)
#self._addParticipantsToRoom(room, group.getParticipants())
if room in self.groupOfflineQueue:
while self.groupOfflineQueue[room]:
msg = self.groupOfflineQueue[room].pop(0)
self.backend.handleMessage(self.user, room, msg[1],
msg[0], "", msg[2])
self.logger.debug("Send queued group message to: %s %s %s" %
(msg[0],msg[1], msg[2]))
self.gotGroupList = True
for room, nick in self.joinRoomQueue:
self.joinRoom(room, nick)
self.joinRoomQueue = []
def joinRoom(self, room, nick):
if not self.gotGroupList:
self.joinRoomQueue.append((room, nick))
room = self._lengthenGroupId(room)
if room in self.groups:
self.logger.info("Joining room: %s room=%s, nick=%s" %
(self.legacyName, room, nick))
group = self.groups[room]
group.joined = True
group.nick = nick
group.participants[self.legacyName] = nick
ownerNick = group.participants[group.subjectOwner]
except KeyError:
ownerNick = group.subjectOwner
self.backend.handleSubject(self.user, self._shortenGroupId(room),
group.subject, ownerNick)
self.logger.debug("Room subject: room=%s, subject=%s" %
(room, group.subject))
self.user, self._shortenGroupId(room), group.subject
self.logger.warn("Room doesn't exist: %s" % room)
def leaveRoom(self, room):
if room in self.groups:
self.logger.info("Leaving room: %s room=%s" % (self.legacyName, room))
group = self.groups[room]
group.joined = False
self.logger.warn("Room doesn't exist: %s. Unable to leave." % room)
def _lastSeen(self, number, seconds):
self.logger.debug("Last seen %s at %s seconds" % (number, seconds))
if seconds < 60:
def sendReadReceipts(self, buddy):
for _id, _from, participant, t in self.recvMsgIDs:
if _from.split('@')[0] == buddy:
self.sendReceipt(_id, _from, 'read', participant)
self.recvMsgIDs.remove((_id, _from, participant, t))
self.logger.debug("Send read receipt to %s (ID: %s)", _from, _id)
# Called by superclass
def onAuthSuccess(self, status, kind, creation,
expiration, props, nonce, t):
self.logger.info("Auth success: %s" % self.user)
self.backend.handleBuddyChanged(self.user, "bot", self.bot.name,
["Admin"], protocol_pb2.STATUS_ONLINE)
# Initialisation?
# ?
self.logger.debug('Requesting groups list')
# self.requestBroadcastList()
# This should handle, sync, statuses, and presence
for func in self.loginQueue:
if self.initialized == False:
self.initialized = True
self.loggedIn = True
# Called by superclass
def onAuthFailed(self, reason):
self.logger.info("Auth failed: %s (%s)" % (self.user, reason))
self.backend.handleDisconnected(self.user, 0, reason)
self.password = None
self.loggedIn = False
# Called by superclass
def onDisconnect(self):
self.backend.handleDisconnected(self.user, 0, 'Disconnected for unknown reasons')
# Called by superclass
def onReceipt(self, _id, _from, timestamp, type, participant, offline, items):
self.logger.debug("received receipt, sending ack: %s" %
[ _id, _from, timestamp, type, participant, offline, items ]
number = _from.split('@')[0]
self.backend.handleMessageAck(self.user, number, self.msgIDs[_id].xmppId)
self.msgIDs[_id].cnt = self.msgIDs[_id].cnt + 1
if self.msgIDs[_id].cnt == 2:
del self.msgIDs[_id]
except KeyError:
self.logger.error("Message %s not found. Unable to send ack" % _id)
# Called by superclass
def onAck(self, _id, _class, _from, timestamp):
self.logger.debug('received ack: %s' % [ _id, _class, _from, timestamp ])
# Called by superclass
def onTextMessage(self, _id, _from, to, notify, timestamp, participant,
offline, retry, body):
buddy = _from.split('@')[0]
messageContent = utils.softToUni(body)
self.sendReceipt(_id, _from, None, participant)
self.recvMsgIDs.append((_id, _from, participant, timestamp))
self.logger.info("Message received from %s to %s: %s (at ts=%s)" %
(buddy, self.legacyName, messageContent, timestamp))
if participant is not None: # Group message or broadcast
partname = participant.split('@')[0]
if _from.split('@')[1] == 'broadcast': # Broadcast message
message = self.broadcast_prefix + messageContent
self.sendMessageToXMPP(partname, message, timestamp)
else: # Group message
if notify is None:
notify = ""
self.sendGroupMessageToXMPP(buddy, partname, messageContent,
timestamp, notify)
self.sendMessageToXMPP(buddy, messageContent, timestamp)
# Called by superclass
def onImage(self, image):
self.logger.debug('Received image message: %s' % image)
buddy = image._from.split('@')[0]
participant = image.participant
if image.caption is None:
image.caption = ''
if image.isEncrypted():
self.logger.debug('Received encrypted image message')
if self.backend.specConf is not None and self.backend.specConf.__getitem__("service.web_directory") is not None and self.backend.specConf.__getitem__("service.web_url") is not None :
ipath = "/" + str(image.timestamp) + image.getExtension()
with open(self.backend.specConf.__getitem__("service.web_directory") + ipath,"wb") as f:
url = self.backend.specConf.__getitem__("service.web_url") + ipath
self.logger.warn('Received encrypted image: web storage not set in config!')
url = image.url
url = image.url
if participant is not None: # Group message
partname = participant.split('@')[0]
if image._from.split('@')[1] == 'broadcast': # Broadcast message
self.sendMessageToXMPP(partname, self.broadcast_prefix, image.timestamp)
self.sendMessageToXMPP(partname, url, image.timestamp)
self.sendMessageToXMPP(partname, image.caption, image.timestamp)
else: # Group message
self.sendGroupMessageToXMPP(buddy, partname, url, image.timestamp)
self.sendGroupMessageToXMPP(buddy, partname, image.caption, image.timestamp)
self.sendMessageToXMPP(buddy, url, image.timestamp)
self.sendMessageToXMPP(buddy, image.caption, image.timestamp)
self.sendReceipt(image._id, image._from, None, image.participant)
self.recvMsgIDs.append((image._id, image._from, image.participant, image.timestamp))
# Called by superclass
def onAudio(self, audio):
self.logger.debug('Received audio message: %s' % audio)
buddy = audio._from.split('@')[0]
participant = audio.participant
message = audio.url
if participant is not None: # Group message
partname = participant.split('@')[0]
if audio._from.split('@')[1] == 'broadcast': # Broadcast message
self.sendMessageToXMPP(partname, self.broadcast_prefix, audio.timestamp)
self.sendMessageToXMPP(partname, message, audio.timestamp)
else: # Group message
self.sendGroupMessageToXMPP(buddy, partname, message, audio.timestamp)
self.sendMessageToXMPP(buddy, message, audio.timestamp)
self.sendReceipt(audio._id, audio._from, None, audio.participant)
self.recvMsgIDs.append((audio._id, audio._from, audio.participant, audio.timestamp))
# Called by superclass
def onVideo(self, video):
self.logger.debug('Received video message: %s' % video)
buddy = video._from.split('@')[0]
participant = video.participant
message = video.url
if participant is not None: # Group message
partname = participant.split('@')[0]
if video._from.split('@')[1] == 'broadcast': # Broadcast message
self.sendMessageToXMPP(partname, self.broadcast_prefix, video.timestamp)
self.sendMessageToXMPP(partname, message, video.timestamp)
else: # Group message
self.sendGroupMessageToXMPP(buddy, partname, message, video.timestamp)
self.sendMessageToXMPP(buddy, message, video.timestamp)
self.sendReceipt(video._id, video._from, None, video.participant)
self.recvMsgIDs.append((video._id, video._from, video.participant, video.timestamp))
def onLocation(self, location):
buddy = location._from.split('@')[0]
latitude = location.getLatitude()
longitude = location.getLongitude()
url = location.getLocationURL()
participant = location.participant
latlong = 'geo:' + latitude + ',' + longitude
self.logger.debug("Location received from %s: %s, %s", (buddy, latitude, longitude))
if participant is not None: # Group message
partname = participant.split('@')[0]
if location._from.split('@')[1] == 'broadcast': # Broadcast message
self.sendMessageToXMPP(partname, self.broadcast_prefix, location.timestamp)
if url is not None:
self.sendMessageToXMPP(partname, url, location.timestamp)
self.sendMessageToXMPP(partname, latlong, location.timestamp)
else: # Group message
if url is not None:
self.sendGroupMessageToXMPP(buddy, partname, url, location.timestamp)
self.sendGroupMessageToXMPP(buddy, partname, latlong, location.timestamp)
if url is not None:
self.sendMessageToXMPP(buddy, url, location.timestamp)
self.sendMessageToXMPP(buddy, latlong, location.timestamp)
self.sendReceipt(location._id, location._from, None, location.participant)
self.recvMsgIDs.append((location._id, location._from, location.participant, location.timestamp))
# Called by superclass
def onVCard(self, _id, _from, name, card_data, to, notify, timestamp, participant):
self.logger.debug('received VCard: %s' %
[ _id, _from, name, card_data, to, notify, timestamp, participant ]
message = "Received VCard (not implemented yet)"
buddy = _from.split("@")[0]
if participant is not None: # Group message
partname = participant.split('@')[0]
if _from.split('@')[1] == 'broadcast': # Broadcast message
message = self.broadcast_prefix + message
self.sendMessageToXMPP(partname, message, timestamp)
else: # Group message
self.sendGroupMessageToXMPP(buddy, partname, message, timestamp)
self.sendMessageToXMPP(buddy, message, timestamp)
# self.sendMessageToXMPP(buddy, card_data)
#self.transferFile(buddy, str(name), card_data)
self.sendReceipt(_id, _from, None, participant)
self.recvMsgIDs.append((_id, _from, participant, timestamp))
def transferFile(self, buddy, name, data):
# Not working
self.logger.debug('transfering file: %s' % name)
self.backend.handleFTStart(self.user, buddy, name, len(data))
self.backend.handleFTData(0, data)
self.backend.handleFTFinish(self.user, buddy, name, len(data), 0)
# Called by superclass
def onContactTyping(self, buddy):
self.logger.info("Started typing: %s" % buddy)
if buddy != 'bot':
self.backend.handleBuddyTyping(self.user, buddy)
if self.timer != None:
# Called by superclass
def onContactPaused(self, buddy):
self.logger.info("Paused typing: %s" % buddy)
if buddy != 'bot':
self.backend.handleBuddyTyped(self.user, buddy)
self.timer = Timer(3, self.backend.handleBuddyStoppedTyping,
(self.user, buddy)).start()
# Called by superclass
def onAddedToGroup(self, group):
self.logger.debug("Added to group: %s" % group)
room = group.getGroupId()
owner = group.getCreatorJid(full = False)
subjectOwner = group.getSubjectOwnerJid(full = False)
subject = utils.softToUni(group.getSubject())
self.groups[room] = Group(room, owner, subject, subjectOwner, self.backend, self.user)
self.groups[room].addParticipants(group.getParticipants(), self.buddies, self.legacyName)
self.bot.send("You have been added to group: %s@%s (%s)"
% (self._shortenGroupId(room), subject, self.backend.spectrum_jid))
# Called by superclass
def onParticipantsAddedToGroup(self, group):
self.logger.debug("Participants added to group: %s" % group)
room = group.getGroupId().split('@')[0]
self.groups[room].addParticipants(group.getParticipants(), self.buddies, self.legacyName)
# Called by superclass
def onSubjectChanged(self, room, subject, subjectOwner, timestamp):
"onSubjectChange(rrom=%s, subject=%s, subjectOwner=%s, timestamp=%s)" %
(room, subject, subjectOwner, timestamp)
group = self.groups[room]
except KeyError:
self.logger.error("Subject of non-existant group (%s) changed" % group)
group.subject = subject
group.subjectOwner = subjectOwner
if not group.joined:
# We have not joined group so we should not send subject
self.backend.handleSubject(self.user, room, subject, subjectOwner)
self.backend.handleRoomNicknameChanged(self.user, room, subject)
# Called by superclass
def onParticipantsRemovedFromGroup(self, room, participants):
self.logger.debug("Participants removed from group: %s, %s" %
(room, participants))
# Called by superclass
def onContactStatusChanged(self, number, status):
self.logger.debug("%s changed their status to %s" % (number, status))
buddy = self.buddies[number]
buddy.statusMsg = status
except KeyError:
self.logger.debug("%s not in buddy list" % number)
# Called by superclass
def onContactPictureChanged(self, number):
self.logger.debug("%s changed their profile picture" % number)
# Called by superclass
def onContactAdded(self, number, nick):
self.logger.debug("Adding new contact %s (%s)" % (nick, number))
self.updateBuddy(number, nick, [])
# Called by superclass
def onContactRemoved(self, number):
self.logger.debug("Removing contact %s" % number)
def onContactUpdated(self, oldnumber, newnumber):
self.logger.debug("Contact has changed number from %s to %s" %
(oldnumber, newnumber))
if newnumber in self.buddies:
self.logger.warn("Contact %s exists, just updating" % newnumber)
buddy = self.buddies[oldnumber]
except KeyError:
self.logger.warn("Old contact (%s) not found. Adding new contact (%s)" %
(oldnumber, newnumber))
nick = ""
nick = buddy.nick
self.updateBuddy(newnumber, nick, [])
def onPresenceReceived(self, _type, name, jid, lastseen):
self.logger.info("Presence received: %s %s %s %s" % (_type, name, jid, lastseen))
buddy = jid.split("@")[0]
buddy = self.buddies[buddy]
except KeyError:
# Sometimes whatsapp send our own presence
if buddy != self.legacyName:
self.logger.error("Buddy not found: %s" % buddy)
if (lastseen == buddy.lastseen) and (_type == buddy.presence):
if ((lastseen != "deny") and (lastseen != None) and (lastseen != "none")):
buddy.lastseen = int(lastseen)
if (_type == None):
buddy.lastseen = time.time()
buddy.presence = _type
if _type == "unavailable":
def onPresenceAvailable(self, buddy):
self.logger.info("Is available: %s" % buddy)
def onPresenceUnavailable(self, buddy):
self.logger.info("Is unavailable: %s" % buddy)
# spectrum RequestMethods
def sendTypingStarted(self, buddy):
if buddy != "bot":
self.logger.info("Started typing: %s to %s" % (self.legacyName, buddy))
self.sendTyping(buddy, True)
# If he is typing he is present
# I really don't know where else to put this.
# Ideally, this should be sent if the user is looking at his client
def sendTypingStopped(self, buddy):
if buddy != "bot":
self.logger.info("Stopped typing: %s to %s" % (self.legacyName, buddy))
self.sendTyping(buddy, False)
def sendImage(self, message, ID, to):
if (".jpg" in message.lower()):
imgType = "jpg"
if (".webp" in message.lower()):
imgType = "webp"
success = deferred.Deferred()
error = deferred.Deferred()
self.downloadMedia(message, success.run, error.run)
# Success
path = success.arg(0)
call(self.logger.info, "Success: Image downloaded to %s" % path)
pathWithExt = path.then(lambda p: p + "." + imgType)
call(os.rename, path, pathWithExt)
pathJpg = path.then(lambda p: p + ".jpg")
if imgType != "jpg":
im = call(Image.open, pathWithExt)
call(im.save, pathJpg)
call(os.remove, pathWithExt)
call(self.logger.info, "Sending image to %s" % to)
waId = deferred.Deferred()
call(super(Session, self).sendImage, to, pathJpg, onSuccess = waId.run)
call(self.setWaId, ID, waId)
waId.when(call, os.remove, pathJpg)
waId.when(self.logger.info, "Image sent")
# Error
error.when(self.logger.info, "Download Error. Sending message as is.")
waId = error.when(self.sendTextMessage, to, message)
call(self.setWaId, ID, waId)
def setWaId(self, XmppId, waId):
self.msgIDs[waId] = MsgIDs(XmppId, waId)
def sendMessageToWA(self, sender, message, ID, xhtml=""):
self.logger.info("Message sent from %s to %s: %s (xhtml=%s)" %
(self.legacyName, sender, message, xhtml))
if sender == "bot":
elif "-" in sender: # group msg
if "/" in sender: # directed at single user
room, nick = sender.split("/")
group = self.groups[room]
number = None
for othernumber, othernick in group.participants.iteritems():
if othernick == nick:
number = othernumber
if number is not None:
self.logger.debug("Private message sent from %s to %s" % (self.legacyName, number))
waId = self.sendTextMessage(number + '@s.whatsapp.net', message)
self.msgIDs[waId] = MsgIDs( ID, waId)
self.logger.error("Attempted to send private message to non-existent user")
self.logger.debug("%s to %s in %s" % (self.legacyName, nick, room))
room = sender
if message[0] == '\\' and message[:1] != '\\\\':
self.logger.debug("Executing command %s in %s" % (message, room))
self.executeCommand(message, room)
group = self.groups[self._lengthenGroupId(room)]
self.logger.debug("Group Message from %s to %s Groups: %s" %
(group.nick , group , self.groups))
self.user, room, message, group.nick, xhtml=xhtml
except KeyError:
self.logger.error('Group not found: %s' % room)
if (".jpg" in message.lower()) or (".webp" in message.lower()):
self.sendImage(message, ID, room + '@g.us')
elif "geo:" in message.lower():
self._sendLocation(room + "@g.us", message, ID)
self.sendTextMessage(room + '@g.us', message)
else: # private msg
buddy = sender
if message.split(" ").pop(0) == "\\lastseen":
elif message.split(" ").pop(0) == "\\gpp":
self.sendMessageToXMPP(buddy, "Fetching Profile Picture")
elif (".jpg" in message.lower()) or (".webp" in message.lower()):
self.sendImage(message, ID, buddy + "@s.whatsapp.net")
elif "geo:" in message.lower():
self._sendLocation(buddy + "@s.whatsapp.net", message, ID)
waId = self.sendTextMessage(sender + '@s.whatsapp.net', message)
self.msgIDs[waId] = MsgIDs(ID, waId)
# self.logger.info("WA Message send to %s with ID %s", buddy, waId)
def executeCommand(self, command, room):
if command == '\\leave':
self.logger.debug("Leaving room %s", room)
self.leaveGroup(room) # Leave group on whatsapp side
group = self.groups[room]
group.leaveRoom() # Delete Room on spectrum side
del self.groups[room]
def _requestLastSeen(self, buddy):
def onSuccess(buddy, lastseen):
timestamp = time.localtime(time.localtime()-lastseen)
timestring = time.strftime("%a, %d %b %Y %H:%M:%S", timestamp)
self.sendMessageToXMPP(buddy, "%s (%s) %s" % (timestring, utils.ago(lastseen), str(lastseen)))
def onError(errorIqEntity, originalIqEntity):
self.sendMessageToXMPP(errorIqEntity.getFrom(), "LastSeen Error")
self.requestLastSeen(buddy, onSuccess, onError)
def _sendLocation(self, buddy, message, ID):
latitude,longitude = message.split(':')[1].split(',')
waId = self.sendLocation(buddy, float(latitude), float(longitude))
self.msgIDs[waId] = MsgIDs(ID, waId)
self.logger.info("WA Location Message send to %s with ID %s", buddy, waId)
def sendMessageToXMPP(self, buddy, messageContent, timestamp = "", nickname = ""):
if timestamp:
timestamp = time.strftime("%Y%m%dT%H%M%S", time.gmtime(timestamp))
if self.initialized == False:
self.logger.debug("Message queued from %s to %s: %s" %
(buddy, self.legacyName, messageContent))
self.offlineQueue.append((buddy, messageContent, timestamp))
self.logger.debug("Message sent from %s to %s: %s" % (
buddy, self.legacyName, messageContent))
self.backend.handleMessage(self.user, buddy, messageContent, "",
"", timestamp)
def sendGroupMessageToXMPP(self, room, number, messageContent, timestamp = "", defaultname = ""):
if timestamp:
timestamp = time.strftime("%Y%m%dT%H%M%S", time.gmtime(timestamp))
if self.initialized == False:
self.logger.debug("Group message queued from %s to %s: %s" %
(number, room, messageContent))
if room not in self.groupOfflineQueue:
self.groupOfflineQueue[room] = [ ]
(number, messageContent, timestamp)
self.logger.debug("Group message sent from %s to %s: %s" %
(number, room, messageContent))
group = self.groups[room]
# Update nickname
if defaultname != "" and group.participants[number] == number:
group.changeNick(number, defaultname)
if self.buddies[number].nick != "":
group.changeNick(number, self.buddies[number].nick)
except KeyError:
nick = group.participants[number]
if group.joined:
self.backend.handleMessage(self.user, room, messageContent,
nick, "", timestamp)
self.bot.send("You have received a message in group: %s@%s"
% (room, self.backend.spectrum_jid))
self.bot.send("Join the group in order to reply")
self.bot.send("%s: %s" % (nick, messageContent))
except KeyError:
self.logger.warn("Group is not in group list")
self.backend.handleMessage(self.user, self._shortenGroupId(room),
messageContent, number, "", timestamp)
def changeStatus(self, status):
if status != self.status:
self.logger.info("Status changed: %s" % status)
self.status = status
if status == protocol_pb2.STATUS_ONLINE \
or status == protocol_pb2.STATUS_FFC:
def changeStatusMessage(self, statusMessage):
if (statusMessage != self.statusMessage) or (self.initialized == False):
self.statusMessage = statusMessage
self.logger.info("Status message changed: %s" % statusMessage)
#if self.initialized == False:
# self.sendOfflineMessages()
# self.bot.call("welcome")
# self.initialized = True
def sendOfflineMessages(self):
# Flush Queues
while self.offlineQueue:
msg = self.offlineQueue.pop(0)
self.backend.handleMessage(self.user, msg[0], msg[1], "", "", msg[2])
# Called when user logs in to initialize the roster
def loadBuddies(self, buddies):
# also for adding a new buddy
def updateBuddy(self, buddy, nick, groups, image_hash = None):
if buddy != "bot":
self.buddies.update(buddy, nick, groups, image_hash)
def removeBuddy(self, buddy):
if buddy != "bot":
self.logger.info("Buddy removed: %s" % buddy)
def requestVCard(self, buddy, ID=None):
self.buddies.requestVCard(buddy, ID)
def createThumb(self, size=100, raw=False):
img = Image.open(self.imgPath)
width, height = img.size
img_thumbnail = self.imgPath + '_thumbnail'
if width > height:
nheight = float(height) / width * size
nwidth = size
nwidth = float(width) / height * size
nheight = size
img.thumbnail((nwidth, nheight), Image.ANTIALIAS)
img.save(img_thumbnail, 'JPEG')
with open(img_thumbnail, 'rb') as imageFile:
raw = base64.b64encode(imageFile.read())
return raw
# Not used
def onLocationReceived(self, messageId, jid, name, preview, latitude, longitude, receiptRequested, isBroadcast):
buddy = jid.split("@")[0]
self.logger.info("Location received from %s: %s, %s" % (buddy, latitude, longitude))
url = "http://maps.google.de?%s" % urllib.urlencode({ "q": "%s %s" % (latitude, longitude) })
self.sendMessageToXMPP(buddy, utils.shorten(url))
if receiptRequested:
self.call("message_ack", (jid, messageId))
def onGroupSubjectReceived(self, messageId, gjid, jid, subject, timestamp, receiptRequested):
room = gjid.split("@")[0]
buddy = jid.split("@")[0]
self.backend.handleSubject(self.user, room, subject, buddy)
if receiptRequested:
self.call("subject_ack", (gjid, messageId))
# Yowsup Notifications
def onGroupParticipantRemoved(self, gjid, jid, author, timestamp, messageId, receiptRequested):
room = gjid.split("@")[0]
buddy = jid.split("@")[0]
self.logger.info("Removed %s from room %s" % (buddy, room))
self.backend.handleParticipantChanged(self.user, buddy, room, protocol_pb2.PARTICIPANT_FLAG_NONE, protocol_pb2.STATUS_NONE) # TODO
if receiptRequested: self.call("notification_ack", (gjid, messageId))
def onContactProfilePictureUpdated(self, jid, timestamp, messageId, pictureId, receiptRequested):
if receiptRequested:
self.call("notification_ack", (jid, messageId))
def onGroupPictureUpdated(self, jid, author, timestamp, messageId, pictureId, receiptRequested):
if receiptRequested:
self.call("notification_ack", (jid, messageId))