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Indentation is done with TABS.
As for the less cosmetic choices, here are some guidelines how the code should look:
* Don't use magic numbers where the original source code would have had an enum or similar.
Even if you don't know the exact meaning it's better to call something `FOOBAR_TYPE_4` than just `4`,
since `4` will be used in other places and you can't easily see where else the enum value is used.
* Don't just copy paste code from IDA, make it look nice
* Use the right types. In particular:
* don't use types like `__int16`, we have `int16` for that
* don't use `unsigned`, we have typedefs for that
* don't use `char` for anything but actual characters, use `int8`, `uint8` or `bool`
* don't even think about using win32 types (`BYTE`, `WORD`, &c.) unless you're writing win32 specific code
* As for variable names, the original gta source code was not written in a uniform style,
but here are some observations:
* many variables employ a form of hungarian notation, i.e.:
* `m_` may be used for class member variables (mostly those that are considered private)
* `ms_` for (mostly private) static members
* `f` is a float, `i` or `n` is an integer, `b` is a boolean, `a` is an array
* do *not* use `dw` for `DWORD` or so, we're not programming win32
* Generally, try to make the code look as if R* could have written it