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Do not use features from C++11 or later.
## History
re3 was started sometime in the spring of 2018,
initially as a way to test reversed collision and physics code
inside the game.
This was done by replacing single functions of the game
with their reversed counterparts using a dll.
After a bit of work then project lay dormant for about a year
and was picked up again and pushed to github in May 2019.
At the time I had reversed around 10k lines of code and estimated
the final game to have around 200-250k.
Others quickly joined the effort and we made very quick progress
throughout the summer of 2019
after which the pace slowed down a bit.
Due to everyone staying home during the start of the Corona pandemic
everybody had much time to work on re3 again and
we finally got a standalone exe in April 2020 (around 180k lines by then).
After the initial excitement and fixing and polishing the code more
reVC was started in early May 2020 by starting from re3 code,
not by starting from scratch replacing functions with a dll.
After a few months of mostly steady progress we considered reVC
finished in December.
Since then we have started LCS, which is currently work in progress.
## License
We don't feel like we're in a position to give this code a license.\