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#!/usr/bin/env python3
import sqlalchemy
from nyaa import create_app, models
from nyaa.extensions import db
app = create_app('config')
('Anime', ['Anime Music Video', 'English-translated', 'Non-English-translated', 'Raw']),
('Audio', ['Lossless', 'Lossy']),
('Literature', ['English-translated', 'Non-English-translated', 'Raw']),
('Live Action', ['English-translated', 'Idol/Promotional Video', 'Non-English-translated', 'Raw']),
('Pictures', ['Graphics', 'Photos']),
('Software', ['Applications', 'Games']),
('Art', ['Anime', 'Doujinshi', 'Games', 'Manga', 'Pictures']),
('Real Life', ['Photobooks / Pictures', 'Videos']),
def add_categories(categories, main_class, sub_class):
for main_cat_name, sub_cat_names in categories:
main_cat = main_class(name=main_cat_name)
for i, sub_cat_name in enumerate(sub_cat_names):
# Composite keys can't autoincrement, set sub_cat id manually (1-index)
sub_cat = sub_class(id=i+1, name=sub_cat_name, main_category=main_cat)
if __name__ == '__main__':
with app.app_context():
# Test for the user table, assume db is empty if it's not created
database_empty = False
except (sqlalchemy.exc.ProgrammingError, sqlalchemy.exc.OperationalError):
database_empty = True
print('Creating all tables...')
nyaa_category_test = models.NyaaMainCategory.query.first()
if not nyaa_category_test:
print('Adding Nyaa categories...')
add_categories(NYAA_CATEGORIES, models.NyaaMainCategory, models.NyaaSubCategory)
sukebei_category_test = models.SukebeiMainCategory.query.first()
if not sukebei_category_test:
print('Adding Sukebei categories...')
add_categories(SUKEBEI_CATEGORIES, models.SukebeiMainCategory, models.SukebeiSubCategory)
if database_empty:
print('Remember to run the following to mark the database up-to-date for Alembic:')
print('./ stamp head')
# Technically we should be able to do this here, but when you have
# Flask-Migrate and Flask-SQA and everything... I didn't get it working.