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sharkykh a3be6ee89f PEP8 (E501)
E501 line too long
2017-05-16 12:43:33 +03:00
sharkykh b0325bc681 PEP8 (E265, E266)
E265 block comment should start with '# '
E266 too many leading '#' for block comment
2017-05-16 12:43:33 +03:00
sharkykh beb5be9989 8: PEP8 (E265, E266, E713)
E265	block comment should start with ‘# ‘
E266	too many leading ‘#’ for block comment
E713	test for membership should be ‘not in’
2017-05-16 12:43:33 +03:00
sharkykh 1b99908283 PEP8 (E501)
line too long
2017-05-16 12:42:32 +03:00
sharkykh a79c0f8a93 PEP8 (a run of 2017-05-16 12:42:12 +03:00
nyaadev0 472b78bac1 Support legacy arguments in search route 2017-05-16 04:27:13 -05:00
nyaadev0 a87c192435 Add Safari pinned-tab icon 2017-05-16 04:11:02 -05:00
Kfir Hadas 261490daa7 Fix padding for single file in torrent file list 2017-05-16 11:53:13 +03:00
aldacron 00c768c722 merged elasticsearch, let's hope this doesn't break shit 2017-05-16 01:28:55 -07:00
aldacron 1d0177480e updated time display 2017-05-16 01:04:08 -07:00
aldacron 2005174358 finished up rss, changed rss behavior to include pre-defined trackers only, also cleaned up debug statements 2017-05-16 00:46:25 -07:00
aldacron 899aa01473 hooked up ES... 90% done, need to figure out how to generate magnet URIs 2017-05-15 23:51:58 -07:00
aldacron c2c547e786 some more elasticsearch work, including index mapping and analyzer 2017-05-15 11:14:01 -07:00
Anna-Maria Meriniemi b7a2aa78a4 Merge pull request #68 from sharkykh/fix-link-column-width
Fix 'Link' column header width
2017-05-15 12:16:43 +03:00
sharkykh 5c75424243 Fix 'Link' column header width
Set optimal width of 70px
2017-05-15 11:54:28 +03:00
queue 32b9170a81 es: add sync_es script for binlog maintenance
lightly documented.
2017-05-15 01:32:56 -06:00
TheAMM 7f767072cf Fix icon spacing in torrent filelist
As noted in #66
2017-05-15 09:50:58 +03:00
Anna-Maria Meriniemi 7b78bcc80b Merge pull request #66 from sharkykh/improve-file-list
Improve file list with directories and icons
2017-05-15 09:42:19 +03:00
sharkykh 6be5326f45 Reformat code some more 2017-05-15 09:37:02 +03:00
sharkykh bd1a9f5cf4 Reformat 2017-05-15 09:34:22 +03:00
sharkykh dd1f1b6834 Nicer looking file list (basic table) 2017-05-15 09:28:48 +03:00
queue 85ba16545f es: fix highlighting without query term
I like highlighting.
2017-05-14 22:26:44 -06:00
Johnny Ding 8bca32a626 Merge pull request #50 from qqueue/elasticsearchin
elasticsearch-based search (WIP)
2017-05-14 20:06:33 -07:00
aldacron c5d77f996b Resolve #57 2017-05-14 17:43:56 -07:00
wranai 33d025c8c2 removed explodie as suggested
supposedly, it's banned on tokyotosho
2017-05-15 02:29:25 +02:00
TheAMM 2c013090e0 Replace newlines with html entities in torrent description
Fixes #60
On production, Cloudflare minifies our HTML which removes blank newlines from the source and therefore the description.
Replacing them with HTML entities fixes the problem.
2017-05-14 23:28:22 +03:00
TheAMM 16c30413dc Remove extra b'e' in torrent generation
Fixes #45
Flexget checks for trailing data after bdecoding, which most decoders don't do - so this went unnoticed.
2017-05-14 20:14:49 +03:00
JSFernandes 7fd7d30722 Remove sourceMappingURL from bootstrap-dark.min.css
Some browsers, such as Firefox 53.0 try to download the specified file,
to improve development experience. Since we don't host this file, some
users were making a request resulting in 404 when loading the page in
dark mode.
2017-05-14 15:24:20 +01:00
TheAMM c1df153e98 Don't enforce site tracker as first, just that it exists on the torrent
Fixes issue #42
Also adds logic for private torrents requiring site tracker as the main tracker (otherwise there's no point on uploading them on the site)
Changes upload.html wording to reflect the requirement to have the tracker, not necessarily as the first one.
2017-05-14 14:22:17 +03:00
Anna-Maria Meriniemi 22cea7af17 Merge pull request #54 from sharkykh/footer-commit-hash
Display the site's commit hash
2017-05-14 13:55:55 +03:00
Anna-Maria Meriniemi 8d0d7cfac8 Merge pull request #52 from bittebitte/patch-1
Autofocus username field
2017-05-14 13:24:20 +03:00
sharkykh 2a71fd8158 Display the site's commit hash 2017-05-14 12:02:39 +03:00
aldacron a7d3c5a4de Merge branch 'master' of 2017-05-14 01:40:10 -07:00
aldacron 1c1a4747c8 Resolves #48 2017-05-14 01:39:28 -07:00
TheAMM 675edb08c3 Oops, remove debug log 2017-05-14 11:25:09 +03:00
TheAMM cf77b03a6f Convert UTC to local time in JS
Also adds classes to row headers to accurately access them in JS.
Updates the serverside date format in view.html to match YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM
2017-05-14 11:23:02 +03:00
queue 8c951210d4 es: implement highlighting
no apologies for styling. somebody else with opinions will fix it later.
2017-05-14 02:19:42 -06:00
bittebitte 60f11b54ff Autofocus username field 2017-05-14 03:06:13 -05:00
queue 3cbe2e4221 WIP hack in es as the provider for search results
real sketch. lots of stuff is still broken. But! you can
make elasticsearch q= style queries and it shows up properly.
only first page works; need to adapt pager to elasticsearch's "total-hits" thing.
2017-05-14 02:01:26 -06:00
queue d7d24ef49e update requirements.txt
has ipython stuck in there too, oh well
2017-05-14 00:55:08 -06:00
Yara Naika b147cfeb81 Ghetto migrate solution, in case you re-run db_create, it won't add categories again 2017-05-13 23:51:29 -07:00
queue 17217d9427 WIP es stuff 2017-05-14 00:48:17 -06:00
TheAMM 3bdff6246f Fix markdown linebreaks and match preview render options with final 2017-05-14 09:38:19 +03:00
Anna-Maria Meriniemi 46682861d0 Merge pull request #46 from nathancyam/markdown_preview
Adds a client-side markdown preview for upload.html and edit.html
2017-05-14 09:25:02 +03:00
Nathan Yam d45c9dca43 Add markdown editor when editing own torrents 2017-05-14 16:21:20 +10:00
Nathan Yam de4891dfc6 Add well styling to preview content 2017-05-14 16:14:18 +10:00
Nathan Yam fabe0f6fec Issue #10 Add markdown preview editor
These changes add a macro that creates the relevant HTML markup for a
markdown editor. In the main.js file, we bind the relevant elements with
the marked library, so users can see their contents in a HTML format.
2017-05-14 15:33:08 +10:00
Nathan Yam d3ad2503ae Add markdown editor macro 2017-05-14 15:33:08 +10:00
TheAMM bc430d06b7 Add issue template (and remind people we know about the search thankyouverymuch) 2017-05-14 06:42:09 +03:00
TheAMM 00a0327b19 Format information into a link if possible
Fixes issue #24 (am I doing this right?)
Supports HTTP(S) and IRC channels (
2017-05-13 23:44:00 +03:00